More About Me

My background

I am a proud Father and love spending time cooking and hiking with family and friends!

I was born in Oregon and raised my family there. Once my son graduated from high school in early 2020, I chose to move from an economically depressed area of Oregon, and start fresh in Texas. My son decided to move here as well, a real blessing, and is now attending college here in Austin while working for MML Hospitality.

I got to know many locals right away, and love it here! I've also enjoyed getting to know some of the venues and artists that have called Austin home for many years.

My professional background has always centered around real estate and software - in one form or another. For almost a decade I grew and managed a small company that produced Realtor websites by connecting to MLSs across the country.

I put this knowledge of software to good use, for you; I'm one of the most tech-savvy Realtors that you'll meet.

With that said, I understand how technology frustrates so many people, myself included. I can't tell you the number of times I've had to advise somebody about the "truth" when it comes to real estate. There are a lot of websites, a lot of hucksters looking for leads, and a lot of solutions displaying terrible, inaccurate data. I'm absolutely convinced that no technically can replace a Realtor who cares.

With that said, Realtors like myself do not get paid hourly, or by the Brokerage. We have to wake up and earn it every day. For this reason, I'm selective with who I work with. I work with people who display character, integrity, and who are willing to trust me as a professional.  

I'm proud to be part of the JB Goodwin team and I'm confident that you'll appreciate the results that I can bring to one of the most important transactions you will face.